Total Guitar

Red Santa

A Triumphant paint job meets futuristic MIDI control



“Red Santa was a favourite until it got smashed, but then we did build a replacemen­t. That red came about when I was building the first one and I’d done all the woodwork and I had no idea what colour he wanted. So I rang him up and he said, ‘Red’. So I went into the workshop, and the only can of red paint I had in there – again, this was the usual rush! – was a spare can for my 1961 Triumph TR3A. I sprayed it with the red paint and thought, ‘It looks a little boring,’ so I got the holographi­c glitter out and went mad with it, sent a photo to Matt and he said, ‘Yeah, looks great!’. So that red came about purely accidental­ly, because it was the only can of red paint on the shelf, and because I’ve got a vintage sports car!”

I got the holographi­c glitter and went mad”

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