DOD Mini Vol­ume & Ex­pres­sion

Min­i­mum bulk, max­i­mum func­tion­al­ity

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Ped­al­board real es­tate is at a pre­mium these days, and when your ’board is chock-full of stom­pers of all pos­si­ble sonic con­fig­u­ra­tions, the last thing you want is for some­thing, dare we say, util­i­tar­ian to take up valu­able space. En­ter DOD’s Mini Vol­ume and Ex­pres­sion ped­als, which echo the com­pany’s long-sincede­parted FX-17 Wah-Vol­ume of yore, but shrunk down to reg­u­lar Boss com­pact pro­por­tions.

Both ped­als are pas­sive de­signs, which means no power sup­ply or bat­ter­ies are re­quired. The Mini Vol­ume packs just a bare­bones in­put and out­put, but in­side is a tre­ble-bleed cir­cuit to pre­vent loss of high-end at lower vol­umes, while the Mini Ex­pres­sion adds a handy TRS/TS/RTS re­sis­tance slider, en­sur­ing that you’ll have no prob­lems when hooking it up to your ped­als.

Rock-solid, all-steel con­struc­tion and skid-free trea­dle pads re­call Ernie Ball’s in­dus­try­s­tan­dard VP Jr, and a 0.5kg weight and rub­ber feet mean these two aren’t go­ing any­where when they hit the floor. The smooth gear drive ta­pers echo clas­sic, full-sized de­signs, with a sat­is­fy­ingly pre­cise rise to vol­ume or full ex­pres­sion, although pro­longed uses will give your calves a work­out. We also found the Ex­pres­sion’s three-way switch se­ri­ously handy on cer­tain ped­als that spec­i­fied TRS, but in ac­tu­al­ity func­tioned better as RTS.

There’s lit­tle to com­plain about with these ro­bust of­fer­ings – some may be­moan the lack of a tuner out­put, but on pas­sive de­signs that can ac­tu­ally suck tone, so it’s a wise omis­sion here. All things con­sid­ered, these Mini mar­vels rep­re­sent yet an­other well­con­sid­ered act of DOD.

Michael Ast­ley-Brown

the smoth gear ta­pers echo clas­sic, full-sized de­signs

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