Schecter De­mon-62018

A su­per-charged S-style that’s raisin’ hell

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Those as­pir­ing to kill the next-door neigh­bour’s lawn by the malev­o­lent force of their play­ing alone would do well to speak to their lo­cal dealer about Schecter’s De­mon-6.

Up­dated with fresh set of Schecter ac­tive hum­buck­ers and a su­per-smooth wenge fret­board for 2018, the De­mon-6 is a mean­look­ing S-style that’s built for shred­ding and all kinds of high-gain dev­ilry – and it’s also avail­able as a seven-string for an ex­tra £22. It’s one of the most pow­er­ful and playable in­stru­ments on the mar­ket at this price, but does Schecter’s re­tool­ing of the De­mon-6 go far enough?

Aes­thet­i­cally, there’s not much be­tween the De­mon-6 of yore and the up­dated model. The body is sim­i­larly carved from bass­wood, with a flame-maple top, heav­ily coun­tered with neat sculpt­ing on both bass and tre­ble sides of the cut­aways. It de­ploys the same in­dus­trial black chrome hard­ware, with the tune-o-matic stringth­rough bridge and burled tone and vol­ume knobs. The Crim­son Red Burst fin­ish is very fa­mil­iar, and is neatly echoed on the distinc­tive jagged 3x3 head­stock, as is the pearloid cross in­lay.

So far, so fa­mil­iar. When it comes to playa­bil­ity, how­ever, that’s a good thing. The De­mon6’s thin-C profile neck, cut from maple with a satin fin­ish, is su­per quick. Shred­ders will love that a light touch is re­warded on the fret­board – that wenge feels slick ’n’ slinky. The bridge’s con­struc­tion fits the two most im­por­tant tenets in bridge de­sign: it’s no-fuss and in­dus­tri­al­strength. The De­mon-6 feels in­de­struc­tible. It might make you feel like­wise; at least, its ac­tive pick­ups (pow­ered by a nine-volt bat­tery that’s eas­ily ac­cessed via a clip on the rear of the in­stru­ment) will ward off most preda­tors if you crank the gain high enough.

Tonally, that’s the De­mon-6’s wheel­house. This gui­tar is all threat, growl and men­ace. The bridge ’bucker has plenty of grunt but an abun­dance of top-end that metal soloists will love. There’s a lot of play in that tone con­trol, so rolling back a bit of the tre­ble brings out some warmer rhythm tone. But then that’s the neck hum­bucker’s job, and it has an almighty, yowl­ing voice, which, we sug­gest, would suit dis­ci­ples of Iommi and other doom mer­chants. Clean up the tone a lit­tle and you’ll find some sharp and crispy clas­sic-rock crunch; clean it up all the way and there’s a neat, ar­tic­u­late tone, pi­ano-es­que and bright and elas­tic in the neck, that might come in handy for epic thrash power bal­lads.

Over­all, the De­mon-6 is a metal gui­tar, de­signed to sum­mon some­thing much more sin­is­ter, and it de­liv­ers in spades. Jonathan Hors­ley

this gui­tar is all about threat, growl and men­ace

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