You’ll gain new in­sight into the songs you learn if you can read the dots. TG shows you how

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After last month’s primer on the notes of the stave, this time we’re throw­ing you in at the deep end with four mu­sic read­ing ex­er­cises. And with no tab to as­sist you, this may be quite a chal­lenge. Still, the best way to get to grips with read­ing mu­sic is to just have a go – there aren’t re­ally any short­cuts. We’ve pro­vided the in­for­ma­tion you need to get started; be­gin by fa­mil­iaris­ing your­self with the notes on the fret­board and how they cor­re­spond to the mu­si­cal stave. If you’re strug­gling, take a lis­ten to the au­dio tracks on the TG CD to guide you.

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