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Tri­dent Wolf Eclipse

Ar­guably the most ar­dent fol­low­ers of black metal’s un­der­ground code, 2013’s bold but bril­liant The Wild Hunt caused alarm with its more ac­ces­si­ble tex­tures. Not that the in­cen­di­ary Swedes would care one jot what we think, but Tri­dent Wolf Eclipse seems a de­fi­ant re­sponse: a fo­cused, 34-minute roar of fever­ish blasts and ma­ni­a­cal at­mos­phere that ridicules any no­tion that they’ve lost touch with their roots. Nu­clear Alchemy and the hellish Kerry King-e squew ail of Ul­tra( Pan de­mo­niac) are black metal’s core el­e­ments dis­tilled into in­escapable wrath, while the sin­is­ter The Throne Be­low and To­wards The Sanc­tu­ary’ s add grav­i­tas, all with a feral edge.

Adam Rees

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