Bill and Brent’s trade­mark tech­niques

Total Guitar - - BILL KELLIHER -

The thick, heavy Mastodon gui­tar sound comes from tun­ing all six strings down by a tone (two frets) to DGCFAD. For their other trade­mark tun­ings Bill and Brent tune the sixth string down a fur­ther tone to C (CGCFAD) or even all the way down to A (AGCFAD). It’s worth set­ting your gui­tar up with some heavy gauge strings if you play this kind of stuff all the time. Light gauge strings may be just too slack.

To play like Bill and Brent you’ll need to ap­pre­ci­ate their di­verse in­flu­ences, which range from heavy metal and stoner rock to prog, South­ern rock and coun­try. Like many pro­gres­sive bands, they have un­con­ven­tional tech­niques and song­writ­ing tricks. Take a look at our tab ex­am­ples where we ex­plore some of these.

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