01 Set your In­to­na­tion

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In­to­na­tion is the term used to de­scribe how in tune your gui­tar is across its scale length. It needs to be set right, or your tun­ing won’t be con­sis­tent at dif­fer­ent po­si­tions on the neck. To set your in­to­na­tion your­self, string up with a fresh but sta­ble set of strings. Play a har­monic at the 12th fret, then fret the note at the 12th fret. If your tuner reads the fret­ted note as sharp you need to move that string’s sad­dle away from the neck (flat­ten­ing the tun­ing), and if it reads flat move the sad­dle to­ward the neck (sharp­en­ing the tun­ing). On a Strat this is ad­justed with a screw­driver at the back of the bridge, but the same prin­ci­ple ap­plies to tune-o-matic type bridges too.

Use a screw­driver to change the pitch of your string un­til the fret­ted note matches the har­monic. Re­peat this for each string and your in­to­na­tion will be set

With a freshly-set­tled and tuned-up set of strings, play a har­monic at the 12th fret fol­lowed by a fret­ted note

Your gui­tar’s bridge has screws to move the po­si­tion of the string sad­dle and set the in­to­na­tion of your gui­tar

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