01 Re-use your bro­ken ca­bles

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We’ve all ex­pe­ri­enced a dead jack lead, and the prob­lem is usu­ally an in­ter­nal break in the wire or a dodgy plug. Be­fore you con­sign your ca­bles to the bin, you could fix them or turn them into patch ca­bles for your ped­al­board! Here’s how to do it. Your gui­tar ca­bles are mono jacks, so to make them work re­quires two con­nec­tions. If there’s a break in the ca­ble, cut the wires with some clip­pers so that you’re left with a healthy ca­ble. If the prob­lem is with ei­ther of the jacks, you’ll need to cut them off and re­place them. With your jacks re­moved, trim some of the outer shield­ing to re­veal the two in­ter­nal wires. Then re­move a few mm of their sleev­ing so that you’re left with some bare ends to sol­der to your plug ter­mi­nals. Place the jack plug’s cas­ing over the ca­ble to at­tach when fin­ished.

Open the ca­ble grip and place the ca­ble in­side it, we’ll tighten this in a mo­ment. In­side the jack plug are the two ter­mi­nals you need to at­tach the wire to. Your sig­nal wire goes to the ter­mi­nal con­nected to the jack’s tip, and the earth wire goes to the other one. Coat the ca­ble ends in some sol­der and do the same on the jack’s sol­der ter­mi­nals, then melt the sol­der with the wires in place to at­tach them. Use a pair of pli­ers to close the ca­ble grip around the outer cas­ing of the wire – this will take the stress off the sol­der points if the ca­ble gets pulled. Slide the plas­tic sleeve over your con­nec­tions, screw the jack plug back to­gether and you’re done!

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