Mark your speaker grill for mic place­ment

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Plac­ing a mic ona speaker cab for record­ing isn’t rocket science or voodoo, but peo­ple have their pref­er­ences, some­times with mul­ti­ple mics in play. Let’s start with a ba­sic win­ner though. The most com­mon­ap­proach is to use a dy­namic mic as they are rugged enough to place close to speak­ers as they can han­dle the high sound pres­sure lev­els. The sim­plest method of mic’ing an amp is to place one dy­namic mic close to the speaker. Start by fac­ing the mic di­rectly at the cen­tre of the speaker (or one of the speak­ers if there are two), al­most touch­ing the grille cloth. Keep the mic at that dis­tance and now ex­per­i­ment through the mon­i­tor head­phones in mov­ing it from the cen­tre of the speaker’s cone to the edge of it. The changes you make now greatly af­fect the tone. Dead cen­tre will be a direct, punchy tone but po­si­tion­ing to the edge of the cone will pro­duce a darker tonal­ity. An­gling the mic up to 45° will also af­fect the tone. Ex­per­i­men­ta­tion is key to fine tun­ing here. And once you’ve found your ideal spot, it’s worth mark­ing on the speaker cloth with tape for future ref­er­ence.

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