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if it’s too shreddy, it’s gui­tar mas­tur­ba­tion. It needs to sound like a melody...

Bal­ti­more’s Turn­stile are one of those bands that ooze en­ergy and vi­tal­ity. In­flu­enced by old-school hard­core, but tak­ing in slabs of nu-metal, melodic punk and some killer shred leads along the way, their sec­ond al­bum Time and space is as di­verse as it is pow­er­ful.

“All of my gui­tar he­roes are di­verse within their style,” says lead player Brady Ebert, who cites Bad Brains’ Dr Know and Lee­way’s AJ Novello as in­flu­ences. “To me they have an orig­i­nal­ity in the sound of the riffs and they’re com­bin­ing stuff that wouldn’t usu­ally com­bine. What they don’t do is pi­geon­hole them­selves.” You can hear it in a song like Gen­er­a­tor, which warps riffs from the Mad­ball play­book into a phased, dare we say Korn-like, dreamy mid­dle eight, back to palm-muted punk and then promptly na­palms the en­tire sce­nario with a short, but sweet shred solo. “If it’s too shreddy it does seem like gui­tar mas­tur­ba­tion,” com­ments Brady. “So with Turn­stile, it needs to sound like a melody as much as a solo.”

The record has been pro­duced by Will Yip, who has pre­vi­ously had a hand in records by Noth­ing, Code Or­ange, Ti­tle Fight and ba­si­cally ev­ery­thing in­ter­est­ing on punk’s broad spec­trum in the last five years. “I think it’s re­ally easy for him to make some­one else feel what he’s feel­ing,” com­ments Brady. “I’ve never re­ally had any­one an­a­lyse what I was play­ing so hard and give me direc­tion in the way that he did. It re­ally made me fo­cus.”

What­ever the se­cret, Time And space is gar­ner­ing a lot of at­ten­tion and TG can see why: it’s the most in­no­va­tive, ex­cit­ing hard­core record this year, pos­si­bly this decade.

“I’m real proud of it,” con­cludes Brady. “We were try­ing to make some­thing that felt true to us in­di­vid­u­ally and rep­re­sented us a whole – I think we ac­com­plished that.”

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Turn­stiles: help­ing to keep hard­core alive

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