What the f? do­rian mode

Learn some ba­sics of modal scales with TG’S les­son on the dark but sweet-sound­ing Do­rian mode

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You’ve prob­a­bly heard of modes, even if you don’t know what they are. The ba­sics are very sim­ple: play the ma­jor scale but don’t start on the root note and you’ll be play­ing a mode. Sim­ply start on the sec­ond note to play the Do­rian mode. Each mode has its own name but, more im­por­tantly, they have their own char­ac­ter. The Do­rian mode has a mi­nor 3rd, so, like any mi­nor chord, it has a dark, moody sound. How­ever, there is another vi­tal note that yields a sweeter sound than the more com­mon nat­u­ral mi­nor scale. Read on and we’ll explain.

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