Life and death (mostly the for­mer) in punk rock

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We are all go­ing to die. Or so say Nor­we­gian power punk trio Spiel­bergs. Their new EP Dis­tantsun dances a euphoric line be­tween happy and sad that makes you feel alive, in­vig­o­rated and break­able. “I like to con­trast melody and har­mony against noise, en­ergy and lyrics” says front­man/gui­tarist Mads Bak­lien. “Weare­all­go­ing­todie is a song where I re­ally think we man­age to do that. It’s happy and des­per­ately un­happy at the same time.” Spiel­bergs’ sound is a sort of widescreen Su­per­chunk, wrestling glassy, re­ver­ber­at­ing tones into sur­pris­ing forms (eg the en­thralling, eight-minute Ghost Boy) via a pick ’n’ mix of sweet cho­ruses. Life and death feels like ap­pro­pri­ate fod­der for writ­ing of this scale. “So what will Spiel­bergs’ epi­taph read?” asks TG. Mads pon­ders the ques­tion: “We all did, even­tu­ally, die.”

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