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Gibs on ES-345

1 “When we were work­ing on Teeth­dreams, Gib­son brought over a bunch of gui­tars and this stayed. It’s been my main gui­tar ever since. This one’s got the gold hard­ware, which feels a lit­tle os­ten­ta­tious, but as it’s a darker fin­ish, you don’t no­tice it.”

Gibs on 2006 ’56 VO S Les Paul Gold­top

2 “I got my Gold­top new from Gib­son but my friend, Brett, who is the rea­son I started play­ing gui­tar, his mum’s hus­band col­lects gui­tars and he did all the relic’ing on this. When it was brand new look­ing, I just didn’t re­ally play it and it’s a fuck­ing amaz­ing gui­tar. I got it because I wanted a Les Paul with a big neck and P-90s.”

Fen­der ’68 Cust om Prince­ton Re­verb and Sup ro 1964 Reissu e Satu rn Re­verb

3“At home, my Brad­shaw board is rigged so I can have four switch­able out­puts so that I can use four dif­fer­ent amps. I’ve got a ’57 Deluxe, a ‘Bob’ amp – which our old sound guy built for me – and an AC15 and on each out­put it’s got a lift and a po­lar­ity. These are rentals. I like smaller wattage com­bos, so I got the Prince­ton and I thought I’d try this Supro. I want to turn on the amp and hit the fucker as hard as I can and leave that to make the sound. I don’t like some­thing with a master vol­ume. So I usu­ally aim for some­thing that’s 15-watts.”

Boss TU-3 and TC Elect ronic Polytu ne Mini

4 “I use two tuners and they’re on all the time. It’s just an OCD thing!”

MXR MC-401 Boost

5 “Then I run into this Brad­shaw pedal. I keep it at about -10db. It’s just a clean boost that I use to hit some of the pedals and the amps a lit­tle bit harder. It just breaks up a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ently. I don’t keep it on. It’s on for any­thing that I want a lit­tle more top on, or a lit­tle more sparkle, if it’s cleaner.”

Boss FDR -1 ’65 Fen­der Delux e Re­verb

6 “This I use as like a cut, so rather than need­ing to back off my vol­ume, I can step on this and do cleaner stuff. I was us­ing that a lot when we did Spin­ners and I love the fuck­ing re­verb on this thing. It’s got that great drippy, spring re­verb.”

Earthquaker De­vices Or­ga­nizer

7 “This is like an or­gan ef­fect. It’s got an up and down oc­tave, lag, tone – to roll off some of the top-end –and then a ‘choir’ con­trol that com­bines the up and the down and re­gen­er­ates it, so you get like a third and fourth oc­tave. I hardly use it. I keep putting it on my ped­al­board

and hop­ing I will learn to use it taste­fully.”

Stry­mon Mo­bius

8“I use this as a kind of ro­tary. It’s got a nice ac­cel­er­at­ing fea­ture where if you hold the tap down it speeds up. It’s got fil­ter, vin­tage trim, de­stroyer, cho­rus, flange, phaser and ro­tary op­tions.”

Union Tub e & Tran­sist or More

9“This is a Van­cou­ver brand and a cool boost pedal. They say to put this at the end of the chain, oth­er­wise you tend to hit your other pedals too hard.”

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