Barre Chord Work­out

Un­lock hun­dreds of new shapes with the power of a few sim­ple barre chords. TG shows you how…

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Open chords are a great way to get started on the gui­tar and cover some ba­sics of play­ing. How­ever, these sim­ple shapes can be lim­it­ing if you want higher pitched sounds or if you need to play in lots of dif­fer­ent keys. Barre chords are mov­able shapes that let you play any­where on the neck and in any key. These chords are used in vir­tu­ally ev­ery style of mu­sic, so it’s worth get­ting them nailed.

Step 1:

Play E, but don’t use your first fin­ger Play an open E chord us­ing this fin­ger­ing that leaves your first fin­ger free. No­tice that three strings are open.

Step 2:

Slide the shape up one fret We want to turn this E into an F chord. F is one note higher than E, so move this shape one fret higher.

Step 3:

Turn­ing E into an F ba rre chord Strum­ming the chord will tell you some­thing’s not right – the three open strings stayed at the same pitch when you moved the rest of the chord. Sim­ply place your first fin­ger across all six strings at the 1st fret to move the open strings up a fret.

Feel the fret.... and

doi­tany­way Open up the fret­board by learn­ing barre


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