Total Guitar - - TAB GUIDE -

Pick scrape

The edge of the pick is dragged ei­ther down or up along the lower strings to pro­duce a scraped sound.


Turn the vol­ume con­trol down, sound the note(s) and then turn the vol­ume up for a smooth fade in.

Fin­ger num­ber­ing

The num­bers in the tra­di­tional no­ta­tion re­fer to the fin­gers re­quired to play each note.

pima di­rec­tions

Any kind of fin­ger­pick­ing re­quire­ments are shown at the bot­tom of the tab no­ta­tion.

Pick hand tap­ping

Tap (ham­mer-on) with a fin­ger of your pick­ing hand onto the fret marked with a cir­cle. Usu­ally with ‘i’ or ‘m’.

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