What The F? Locrian mode

We wrap up our series on modal scales with a look at the whacky-sound­ing Locrian mode

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We’re not jok­ing when we say whacky! The Locrian mode is rarely heard in rock or pop and only oc­ca­sion­ally found in metal and jazz-fu­sion. That said, have a lis­ten to Juice­box by The Strokes, and Black Sab­bath by, you guessed it, Black Sab­bath – both fea­ture Locrian riffs. How­ever, so weird is this mode, even these tracks aren’t fully Locrian. Their riffs are Locrian,

b5 sure, but jam along on a m7 chord (the root chord of the Locrian mode) and you’ll find it just doesn’t quite fit. Still, de­spite its un­usual sound, the Locrian mode pro­vides am­ple op­por­tu­nity for fresh, cre­ative ideas. Read on as we take a look...

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