Red Hot Chili Pep­pers Cal­i­for­ni­ca­tion

Try out Rockschool’s cool Grade 2 ar­range­ment of this red hot track from the LA funk rock­ers

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One of RHCP’S most pop­u­lar tracks, Cal­i­for­ni­ca­tion be­gins with an in­ter­play be­tween Flea’s bassline and gui­tarist John Fr­us­ciante’s arpeg­gios. Note the use of 9th in­ter­vals on these chords re­flect­ing the in­flu­ence of Jimi Hen­drix’ soul rhythm style. The 9th in­ter­vals are a B note in the A mi­nor chord and a G in the F chord: iden­ti­fi­able thanks to be­ing open strings.

The strum­ming start­ing in bar 7 needs to be rock solid, so prac­tise slowly and try to feel the pulse. Many play­ers keep time by tap­ping their feet or nod­ding their head – mak­ing the pulse phys­i­cal re­ally helps.

Bar 15 fea­tures the first part of Fr­us­ciante’s solo. There are only three string bends but they’re a key fea­ture. Fo­cus on nail­ing the tim­ing of the up/ down part of each bend and ac­cu­rately hit­ting the pitch of each bend. Check your pitch by see­ing if your bends match the equiv­a­lent fret­ted notes shown in brack­ets.

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