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Pl ayer Jonny Greenwood Al bum The Bends (1994)

Jonny Greenwood’s pitch-shifted refrain in this Bends- era track remains a standout in Radiohead’s cornucopia of ingenious effects moments. To achieve the robotic opening salvo, Greenwood played his arpeggiate­d lick through an original Digitech Whammy pedal, set to one-octave-up plus dry signal. The original Whammy was monophonic, so it couldn’t track the ringing notes from the altered EGDGBE tuning, lending the track its glitchy, lo-fi appeal. Jonny employed an Hs-configured Fender Telecaster Plus and Fender Twin for the recording, before switching to a Marshall Shredmaste­r running through a Fender Eight-five combo for the distorted chorus and solo.

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