also rec­om­mended New Day Ris­ing (1985)

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4 Although New Day Ris­ing bris­tles with Mould’s cus­tom­ary riff­ing and wall-of-noise ‘shim­mer’, the strength of these songs lies in their sense of melodic coun­ter­point: a sim­ple, air-punch­ing cho­rus pre­vents The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill from im­plod­ing un­der the weight of its own feed­back, while the sim­mer­ing mo­men­tum of Pow­er­line is book­ended by a trickle of crys­talline har­mon­ics. It’s mo­ments like these that save this record from a pa­per-thin pro­duc­tion sound and sloppy takes. Beyond the dis­so­nance there’s a grow­ing vul­ner­a­bil­ity in the group’s song­writ­ing, such as the wounded, Re­place­ments-es­que har­monies of Terms Of Psy­chic War­fare.

Rec­om­mended track The Girl Who Lives On

Heaven Hill

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