Five Min­utes Alone: Danny Jones

The Mcfly man re­flects on mis­con­cep­tions, Mike Old­field and the teach­ings of Mayer

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For whom the bells toll

“I first started play­ing be­cause I was ob­sessed with the Tubu­lar­bell­slive DVD. I re­mem­ber the guy in­tro­duc­ing it was like, ‘Two high­ly­compressed elec­tric gui­tars!’ and then Mike Old­field played this amaz­ing gui­tar solo. Then it was Spring­steen. He al­ways played a Tele­caster, so then I wanted a Tele and that so­lid­i­fied which gui­tar I was go­ing to play.”

Finger tips

“I ended up buy­ing gui­tars and buy­ing gui­tars. I had a Cus­tom Shop No­caster, a Tele like Spring­steen’s, an­other Tele that I set on fire my­self. Then about five years ago, I sold ev­ery­thing and got three Te­les that sound in­sane. And I’ve got three acous­tics and one Strat that all sound in­sane – and now I’m done! That’s all I need. It was ei­ther Ste­vie Ray Vaughan or Steve Vai that said, ‘Tone is the abil­ity to lis­ten to your­self.’ That’s so true.”

Every­body’s got to learn some­time

“I had a les­son off one of my idols. We were sup­port­ing the One Di­rec­tion boys and we went down­stairs at our ho­tel and John Mayer was there! We chat­ted and chat­ted be­cause I’ve been into him since Room­forsquares. He went, ‘Come on up, man, I’ll show ya!’ So we went up to his room and he got this beau­ti­ful Martin out and just threw it at me. He was like, ‘I need to take a piss!’ I looked at Tom [Fletcher], my band­mate, and I was like, ‘Shall I?’ So I started play­ing Why­ge­or­gia and John was like, ‘Yeah man!’ Then he came back in and showed me how he played it. He had to put a bunion plas­ter on his in­dex finger be­cause of the way he plays the chords.”

Run­ning back

“Bad gigs? There was one when I was 13/14. I got to this pub and it was a bit lairy. I said to my mum, ‘I don’t think they’re down for mu­sic. They’re all lads in foot­ball shirts.’ So my mum spoke to the land­lord and was like, ‘Look, he feels a bit weird, so we’re gonna leave...’ As we left, we got chased down the street by this guy hurl­ing abuse at us, go­ing, ‘Get back in there and play some mu­sic you lit­tle twat!’ I lit­er­ally got chased be­cause they wanted to hear mu­sic. I’d got it wrong... I was shit­ting my­self!”


“The com­mon mis­con­cep­tion back in the day was, ‘Are you even play­ing?’ I ended up see­ing it as a com­pli­ment be­cause I was like, ‘If they think we’re mim­ing – we must be agood band!’ I fi­nessed my ped­al­board. I fi­nessed my sound. I was break­ing for gui­tar so­los. And you don’t get ap­pre­ci­ated for those things when you’re from our world, which was frus­trat­ing. Peo­ple say, ‘They were man­u­fac­tured. They can’t play.’ But I’ve been play­ing since I was six years old. I grew up on blues. I just put it to the back of my head now. I play for the en­joy­ment of play­ing.”

Squeeze me baby

“What gets me through a tour – and to this day I have never missed a show in my life – is vi­ta­min D, vi­ta­min C su­per green juice! [Laughs] Lit­er­ally. We’ve done those [rock­star] days but it was a long time ago. I think we’d have ended [if we had kept that up]. Three of the band have been to re­hab, for dif­fer­ent rea­sons, but I think if we didn’t have that mo­ment of mad­ness where we went like, ‘Shit, I’ve got a prob­lem.’ Then I think we’d be over, or dead. So long live the green tea, the vi­ta­min D and the vi­ta­min C!”

“If we didn’t have that mo­ment of, ‘shit, i’ve got a prob­lem’ then I think we’d be over, or dead”

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Mim­ing? Moi? Danny has been play­ing since hewas six years old

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