Me & My Gui­tar: Dal­las Thomas

The Pel­i­can gui­tarist has a unique gui­tar with its own road sto­ries

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“This is a Scale Model gui­tar that my friend Dave John­son built me in Nashville, Ten­nessee. It’s the sec­ond one he’s built for me, I have an­other just like this that’s all ma­hogany and it’s Les Paul-heavy – a shoul­der­breaker. Which kind of, in a weird way, sounds slightly bet­ter. This one is the same de­sign, it’s like a Gib­son franken­stein SG / Les Paul Cus­tom neck with a Fly­ing V head­stock, but this one has Fender-style woods [based] off maybe a stan­dard-style Strat where you have an ash body, maple neck and then a rose­wood fret­board. It’s a lot lighter… Over the years I’ve got a lit­tle disen­fran­chised with big­ger com­pa­nies and I just want to know the guy who’s gonna build it.”


This thing has been all over the world; it’s been to Rus­sia, Aus­tralia, Is­tan­bul, all over the States back and forth. It’s a lit­tle brighter than I like but it stays in­to­nated and it’s eas­ier on my shoul­der. This is the gui­tar I used on the last Pel­i­can record For­ever

Be­com­ing, and all the live stuff we have out: Ark­tika and Liveat­dun­fest,

I used this gui­tar.”


This is a Lace Fin­ger Burner, it’s ce­ramic and it’s pas­sive with 11k out­put, and a 250k pot.


“It’s been crowd­surf­ing sev­eral times and it’s still in one piece. We had a show in San Diego where we played with our friends In­ter Arma and I tried to pull this cer­tain move and I lost the gui­tar into the crowd. I just yanked the cable out of it and the gui­tar was still in the crowd so I grabbed the ma­hogany one, plugged it in and kept play­ing. My buddy TJ [Childers, In­ter Arma drum­mer], he ran out into the crowd and got my gui­tar back but then he started dry hump­ing it with a beer. It’s on Youtube some­where. I fig­ured I should give that guy a shout out be­cause he got my gui­tar back.”


“An­other time I was in Phoenix, Ari­zona and I had my glasses on, so I don’t know, maybe this guy in the crowd didn’t recog­nise me… this tall guy comes up and he’s like, ‘Have Pel­i­can played yet?’ I said, ‘No, man.’ He said, ‘I was gonna go and see Marty Friedman but I saw Pel­i­can were play­ing.’ I don’t think he re­alised I was in the band so I just said, ‘Cool, man.’ Then we ended up play­ing and I tried this cer­tain gui­tar move at the end of the set, it was kind of this chaos noise end­ing and I was try­ing to do this thing where I throw this gui­tar on the part and catch it. But I missed. I to­tally missed and I just nailed that same guy with the gui­tar. I went up to him and I was like, ‘Dude, I’m so sorry,’ and he said, ‘That was awe­some. Marty Friedman wouldn’t have done that…’ I love Marty Friedman, though, Rustin­peace is one of my favourites…”

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