Pedal round-up: Phasers

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The phaser is one of many mod­u­la­tion ef­fects com­monly utilised by rock gui­tarists. At its core, it’s just a fil­terthat’s mod­u­lated by a sine wave to cre­ate that sig­na­ture ‘sweep­ing’ sound. This is achieved us­ing phase-shift net­works; pro­duced with all-pass fil­ters. They are usu­ally known as stages, and can be made more pro­nounced by feed­ing back in the in­put for a more res­o­nant sound.

Ana­logue phasers tended to be lim­ited to 2, 4, or 8 stages at most, but with the ad­vent of dig­i­tal sig­nal pro­cess­ing, 32 or more stages are now pos­si­ble in a phaser’s fea­ture set. The clas­sic phaser sounds are time­less, though there’s still a lot of room for in­no­va­tion. From dig­i­tal, to OTA and JFET phasers, we’ve rounded up some of the most in­ter­est­ing fea­ture-rich stomp­boxes to spin your head…

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