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Ev­ery­thing you need to know be­fore play­ing ‘Su­per­sonic’

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One of Bri­tain’s most suc­cess­ful song­writ­ers, Oa­sis’ Noel Gal­lagher mixes soar­ing gui­tar melodies with mu­si­cal ‘tips of the hat’ to his favourite in­flu­ences. A chaotic cat­a­logue of crazy off­stage shenani­gans helped pro­pel the Gal­lagher broth­ers on a me­te­oric tra­jec­tory to the top of the 90s mu­sic scene.

Su­per­sonic was the lead sin­gle from the band’s ground­break­ing de­but, Def­i­nitely Maybe, re­leased in 1994. There are two main gui­tar parts to learn and we’ve tabbed both. The first is the driv­ing rhythm part played by Paul ‘Bone­head’ Arthurs that mostly uses pow­er­chords. The sec­ond is, of course, Noel’s lead part in­clud­ing the so­los and lead melodies.

Though fairly easy to play, the arpeg­gios in the main riff will ben­e­fit from care­ful play­ing and the bluesy bends in the so­los also re­quire a deft touch. The key things that set this apart are the tone, tim­ing and laid­back feel.

For the Def­i­nite­ly­maybe ses­sions the band mainly recorded with Epi­phone gui­tars, though Noel also used a 1960 Gib­son Les Paul on loan from ex-smiths gui­tarist Johnny Marr. To recre­ate the in-your-face sound of this track use a hum­bucker-equipped gui­tar set to its bridge pickup and dial in plenty of gain on your amp. You’ll need re­verb and de­lay for the solo. Dial in three or four re­peats with a quar­ter-note de­lay – that’s 583ms to match the tempo of the record­ing, though aim closer to 520ms (115bpm) if, like Oa­sis, you play the track faster in live per­for­mances. De­lay

Time: 583ms Feed­back: 3-4 re­peats Mix: 50%

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