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The tech­nol­ogy be­hind the Black Spirit 200’s core

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Un­like a full dig­i­tal mod­el­ling am­pli­fier, Hughes & Kettner says the Black Spirit’s core sounds come from ana­logue solid-state cir­cuits un­der dig­i­tal con­trol. It’s ironic that even the sim­plest valve cir­cuits can take many lines of code and thou­sands of tran­sis­tors to recre­ate in the dig­i­tal do­main; high volt­age means there are all kinds of com­plex in­ter­ac­tions go­ing on in be­tween com­po­nents, as well as the ob­vi­ous ones that ex­ist be­tween out­put valves, trans­form­ers and loud­speak­ers. It’s easy to make some va­ri­eties of tran­sis­tors be­have like valves, but con­trol­ling them dy­nam­i­cally so they can mimic things like power amp sag­ging isn’t. H&K is keep­ing it to it­self, but we have an inkling that this may be what’s go­ing on in­side the Spirit Tone Gen­er­a­tor.

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