Clas­sic chord pro­gres­sions

Don’t fear the pro­gres­sion! Re­lax, it’s just a for­mula

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Chord pro­gres­sions are some­times shown in Ro­man nu­mer­als. It looks scary, but it’s just a for­mula that helps you to trans­fer chord se­quences from one key to an­other. For ex­am­ple, a I-IV-V (‘one-four-five’) pro­gres­sion can be played start­ing on A (A-D-E), from D (D-G-A), or from any start­ing chord for that mat­ter. The chords change de­pend­ing on which key you’re in but the re­la­tion­ships be­tween them stay the same. This is known as ‘trans­pos­ing’. Jam along to these sta­ple chord pro­gres­sions and see if you can work them out in dif­fer­ent keys.

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