18 Prac­tise for speed

Total Guitar - - 30 LESSONS -

A Prac­tise slowly

We mean it! Whether you’re a bud­ding shred­der or just try­ing to get a new song up to tempo, slow prac­tise is the key to build­ing up your play­ing speed.

B Break­it­down

Short phrases are eas­ier to re­mem­ber, prac­tise and ul­ti­mately get up to speed. Even the briefest of licks can be bro­ken down and prac­tised note by note.

CI­den­tify tricky points

It could be a po­si­tion shift, a stretch or just a tech­nique you strug­gle with. Iso­late tricky points and re­peat the bits that chal­lenge you the most.

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