Fi­nal ver­dict

Which sin­gle-pickup gui­tar is the right one for you?

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With the EVH 5150 and LTD Black Metal de­signed for a very par­tic­u­lar player, this feels like a shoot-out be­tween the Godin’s taste­fully ap­pointed and quite beau­ti­ful Sum­mit Clas­sic and Gor­don Smith’s taste­fully ap­pointed and qui­etly awe­some GS-1 60. The lat­ter will def­i­nitely take the Les Paul Ju­nior fans. That you can spec your own on­line is a big plus, but this re­view model was a lovely piece of ma­hogany, and while that P-90/brass nut combo will ex­pose any sloppy play­ing it also fa­cil­i­tates some truly soul­ful tone in the sweet spot be­tween its mids and highs. The Godin is more for­giv­ing, more fun. It can sim­i­larly do scratchy blues, bright clas­sic rock tones, and maybe even has more of an iden­tity than the GS-1, a lit­tle more vin­tage chic.

Those look­ing to play the Atomicpunk have got to go with the 5150 but it’s a lot of Van Halen and for a lot of money. It re­ally is a gui­tar with an iden­tity; for ca­sual fans or those just look­ing for a high-spec S-style to go ba­nanas on, there are bet­ter op­tions out there. For su­per fans? Well, you’ve al­ready placed a de­posit.

And so to the nu­clear op­tion, the LTD Black Metal. Os­ten­si­bly an Eclipse model with the colour taken out of it and a cus­tom Sey­mour Dun­can to sup­ply the fire, it’s im­pec­ca­bly built, plays great, sounds fear­some, and if you’re play­ing ex­treme metal, this’ll do bru­tal.

Godin Sum­mit Class ic SG P90 EVH Striped Se­ries 5150

Gor­don Smith GS-1 60

ESP LTD EC -BKM Black Metal

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