Godin Sum­mit Class ic SG P90

Bring­ing home the bass­wood

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This looks like it’s go­ing for the Les Paul Ju­nior vibe, too?

It sure does. The Vin­tage Burst is sim­i­lar to those of some clas­sic Ju­niors – there’s the sin­gle-cut, the P-90, too. But the Sum­mit Clas­sic SG has a con­tem­po­rary feel. Its neck has a satin-smooth fin­ish, and a bass­wood body is pre­ferred over ma­hogany.

That bridge sounds pretty im­pres­sive.

It sure is. The beauty of this gui­tar lies in the sim­plic­ity of its con­struc­tion. Sure, no doubt a lot of met­al­lur­gi­cal voodoo went on in the Graph­tech R&D depart­ment to come by their Re­so­max al­loy (“De­signed to max­imise har­monic con­tent and rich­ness in ev­ery note,” says Graph­tech) but its de­sign hap­pily makes string changes a cinch and of­fers a neat and com­fort­able sta­tion for your pick­ing hand.

What can you tell us about the King­pin P-90?

Be­sides the fact that it’s got a lot of at­ti­tude, chewy hot mids and bright­ness, clar­ity and is hugely re­spon­sive in that volatile ter­ri­tory be­tween mid and tre­ble? Well, the fact that Godin also de­ploy it in their 1950s-in­spired arch­top se­ries, 5th Av­enue, shows that they’re happy with its vin­tage bona-fides.

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