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Type: Multi-ef­fects pedal Con­trols: Three as­sign­a­ble patch con­trols, View, Ac­tion, Page left and page right but­tons; main and sec­ondary menu knobs, master vol­ume knob Sock­ets: MIDIIN, MIDI out/thru, head­phone jack, stereo in, stereo out, TRS ex­pres­sion in, USB By­pass: Buffered by pass Power: 9Vdc cen­tre-neg­a­tive 3A (sup­plied) Con­tact :Yama­hauk

1 Head­phone­jackPlay­ing late at night? Don’twant­toan­noythe neigh­bours?prac­tise silently­by­drop­pin­ganamp block­in­toy­our­p­re­se­tand then­plug­gingy­our­cansinto the­head­pho­ne­out

2 Dual­ex­pres­sion in­put De­spite hav­ing only a solo ex­pres­sion in­put, this jack ac­cepts atrs ca­ble, so it’s pos­si­ble to run a dual ex­pres­sion pedal from the Hx stomp to con­trolw ah or pitch-shift ef­fects3 Dis­play Al­though it fea­tures a diminu­tive form-fac­tor, thehx stomp man­ages to cram a crisp full-colour screen onto the front panel

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