The FX Files: Klon Cen­taur

The orig­i­nal ‘holy grail’ pedal, a per­fect con­di­tion Klon Cen­taur could set you back thou­sands of pounds

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The gain con­trol serves a dual pur­pose on the Klon. As well as in­creas­ing the out­put of the op-amp stage, and thus mod­i­fy­ing the clip­ping be­hav­iour of the pedal, it also has ef­fects on the midrange and bass fil­ter­ing. As two ger­ma­nium diodes per­form a hard-clip af­ter this stage, feed-for­ward net­works and a sum­ming am­pli­fier fol­low in the cir­cuit to make sure that the clean sig­nal is pre­served, rad­i­cally chang­ing the char­ac­ter of the pedal and giv­ing it its ‘trans­par­ent’ feel.


The tre­ble con­trol is an ac­tive high-pass fil­ter, which boosts or cuts fre­quen­cies above 400Hz. The coun­ter­part to this is that the clean blend path of the dual-gang gain pot forms a low-pass fil­ter at around 500Hz, sub­stan­tially pro­nounc­ing the mid-hump of the Cen­taur.


A sim­ple shunt-to-ground, the out­put con­trol al­lows you to at­ten­u­ate the out­put sig­nal from the pedal. At more ex­treme set­tings, the Klon can de­liver a lot of out­put from its am­pli­fi­ca­tion stages and needs tam­ing.

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