Gamechanger Au­dio Plasma Pedal

We get our hands on maybe the coolest-look­ing pedal ever…

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Gamechanger Au­dio made its name with the Plus Pedal, a sus­tain pedal that promised to re­de­fine the gui­tar. Its next cre­ation, the Plasma, comes rid­ing on an even greater wave of ex­cite­ment. It le­git­i­mately boasts a dis­tor­tion sound never be­fore avail­able to gui­tarists, namely clip­ping caused by high-volt­age dis­charges as the gui­tar sig­nal is fed through a tube of xenon gas.

Frankly, it looks spec­tac­u­lar, and we found our­selves gig­gling with joy on first plug­ging it in. But, more im­por­tantly, does it ac­tu­ally sound good?

Well, it’s cer­tainly dif­fer­ent. The core dis­tor­tion sound is spiky, and has a static-like tim­bre to it, which makes sense, given the prove­nance of the clip­ping. The dis­tor­tion is con­trolled via chang­ing the in­put volt­age and clean blend, but the night and day dif­fer­ence be­tween the clean gui­tar sig­nal and the Plasma sig­nal leaves this some­what tricky to dial in. With an ’89 Les Paul Clas­sic into a dirty tube amp, the pedal came alive, with some amp com­pres­sion help­ing to glue the dis­torted and clean gui­tar tones to­gether. Switch­ing to the neck pickup re­quired ad­just­ment with the Low Freq knob, but there’s a pretty de­cent sweet spot with the gui­tar tone pulled back. So it proves with a Jazzmas­ter, where the darker gui­tar rhythm cir­cuit proves com­pelling. The sweet spot be­tween ‘brit­tle’ and ‘muddy’ is of­ten dif­fi­cult to find on the Gamechanger, how­ever.

Though it may not re­place your clas­sic dis­tor­tion boxes, the Gamechanger Au­dio Plasma is with­out doubt star­tlingly unique, both aes­thet­i­cally and son­i­cally.

Alex Lyn­ham

star­tlingly unique both aes­thet­i­cally and son­i­cally

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