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“John Dwyer is a great band leader and conceptual­ist. Each of their albums is so unique – some of my favourites are Protean Threat, Orc, and Smote Reverser.

I love the direction he’s been taking their music - they keep changing and growing in such unpredicta­ble ways. There is a very serious sense of humour in their music – which is a rare kind of musical emotion – but there’s also a very warm comforting coldness to a lot of it. It’s beautiful when music unifies contradict­ions like that.

“His guitar parts are extremely inventive – he uses both vertical and horizontal space in amazing ways, and creates guitar parts that assist in the big picture of what the band as a whole is saying, which often means he’s able to say a lot by barely playing at all. It seems he cares mainly for the overall statement being made by the group, rather than standing out or any crap like that. And he’s another one of these people whose energy rides like an express train through the instrument.”

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