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“Zach Irons is a very creative, unorthodox guitarist. He’s always finding new ways to approach it: hand techniques I’ve never seen and ways of using effects unique to him. He is so deeply rooted in the essence of rock guitar playing that he’s finding ways of retaining that feeling while completely changing the role of the instrument. Lately, he’s been reinventin­g his whole style, which I only know because he’s a good friend of mine – the first time Zach and I played together, he was 17, and it was him and his dad [original RHCP drummer] Jack Irons, Flea, and me. We played the whole of Led Zeppelin’s Presence album together – it was really fun. Ever since then we’ve been close. We understand and support each other in a way that is unique to us. He was born on [original RHCP guitarist] Hillel Slovak’s birthday, which is a trip.”

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