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Well, it’s Gibson isn’t it? You’d expect a company synonymous with quality guitars to come up with some quality guitar pedals and they haven’t let us down. While we might want to take slight issue with the size of the pedals when it’s sometimes a squeeze to fit everything you want on a pedalboard, they are certainly distinctiv­e and reasonably priced. In terms of operabilit­y and sound quality we have no qualms - all do exactly what’s expected of them and that 2-in-1 capability confers a versatilit­y that some of the competitio­n may lack. That’s particular­ly true in the case of the fuzz and drive pedals, where the two voicings will add genuine flexibilit­y your signal chain. Likewise, two distinct voices in a chorus pedal is no bad thing and, combined with that wet/dry mix knob, the Comet covers a lot of space. The Discovery won’t suit tap tempo freaks but it can hold its own in the ‘analogue delay with modulation’ genre. So what next? Well, we don’t actually know, but there are several pedal genres that haven’t been covered by the brand and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll soon be hearing the psychedeli­c sweep of a PS-1 phaser...

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