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Here we look at some techniques and tonal tricks to help you play like Jack


Play like Jack White... That’s easy, right? Well, in some respects perhaps, yes. The open chords and basic strumming in The White Stripes’ Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, for example, are achievable for all but absolute beginners.

Jack spread his guitar-playing wings with Brendan Benson in

The Raconteurs, and his epic Jimmy Pagpe-aignesp1ir­eodf s1olos in live shows are somneothte­insg:

to behold. But it’s since 2012’s solo debut, Blunderbus­s, that his musical eccentrici­ty and broad range of influences have truly shone through.

Still, there are consistent threads in his playing throughout his entire career – and his tone is at the heart of it. Get a ballpark White-esque tone and you’ll find it easier to get a feel for his playing. Fuzz-driven, octave- and powerchord-based riffs figure highly, alongside ear-catching pentatonic and Whammy pedal-infused solos. Check out our ‘Play Like Jack’ tab examples complete with playing tips and tonal advice below.

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