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The First Coming

What was idea behind the original Meteora?


Fender’s Partrallel Universe models have been consistent­ly interestin­g; guitars that could have existed in Fender’s history that never did... now brought to life. The original limited run Meteora was a US model and took a leaf out of the standard Telecaster in the same way the HH model nods to the Thinline’s Wide Range humbuckers. Designed by Josh Hurst of Fender’s Research & Developmen­t department, the idea was to introduce an unfamiliar shape but with the familiar Tele configurat­ion. “I think the guitar is more or less designed for people who are not traditiona­l guitar consumers,” said Hurst. “They’re not into traditiona­l guitar shapes – they want something that’s a little bit different, a little more edgy – more futuristic looking.”

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