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How exactly do you go about following the crowd-conquering and era-defining perfection of Plug In Baby and New Born? For the third single from Origin Of Symmetry, it was a case of adding even more experiment­ation to the mix, with futuristic synth lines warring against jangly minor chords from the very start and continuing through the hard-strummed, open position shapes of the chorus – which interestin­gly go into double time after the initial opening cycles. Although it’s a simple enough technique for songwriter­s to use, this change of pace really adds to the dramatic tension of the build, making for a climactic rise that ends on a suspensefu­l F minor barrechord. And, while they’re not actually played on guitar, the opening and closing keyboard arpeggios – which move from


Cm to to Fm – actually make for an excellent sweep picking exercise, particular­ly for those interested in moving down one area of the neck and coming back up in a different position before each chord change.

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