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Debut album Showbiz certainly had its fair share of fiery moments, but it was on second album Origin Of Symmetry where Muse started cranking the gain and showing us just how loud they could be when they wanted to. Its second single was incredibly deceptive in that sense, starting out as more of a twinkly, keyboard-led number reminiscen­t of their earliest work before a detuned fuzz riff arrives out of the blue and roars its way through your eardrums. The more extreme guitar tones heard on this and prior single Plug In Baby were thanks to a ZVEX Fuzz Factory acquired by Bellamy while on tour in Japan, which soon became his go-to fuzz/distortion – to the point where he was even having its circuit built into his custom Manson guitars. With its classicali­nspired chord movements, clean funk strumming in the verses and alternate picked, Tom Morelloesq­ue shred guitar solo, it’s another example of Bellamy mutating different styles into his very own beast.

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