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As Bellamy himself admits in this month’s interview, he might never have written Plug In Baby without his trusty Manson Delorean. What a shame that would have been, given how quickly it became the group’s biggest anthem. Although often incorrectl­y tabbed in the open position, the main theme which starts the song is played around the 7th fret – sequencing passages from the B harmonic minor scale before adding in a Dorian major 6th flavour played on the 9th fret of the B string, which then gets bent up half a step into a minor 7th and released. For the verses, Bellamy leaves most of the heavy lifting to the bass, save for a few pitch-shifted triads which ring out before the full-chorded strums of the chorus. Each section involves its own unique approach, which is precisely what makes it such an effortless­ly dynamic track. A masterpiec­e!

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