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Matt Bellamy's shortcut to shred...


Check out Matt's solo in this year’s Killorbe Killed and you’ll be wowed by what sounds just a little bit like Yngwie Malmsteene­sque sweep-picked arpeggios. In fact, Matt’s using a simpler approach that’s achieved with a tapping lick on the second string, plus, crucially, a Whammy pedal set to drop one octave down. He’s got form with this technique, also employing it on Invincible. It’s not ‘easy’ as such, but it’s a whole lot less of a challenge than the Malmsteen method – and it's a great way get shredding. Try it out with the arpeggio shown here. No Whammy? No worries! Most treadle-equipped multi-fx pedals have a dynamic pitch shifter on board.

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