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The Ruby is actually two AC30S in one pedal; though main draw here is the later ’63 Top Boost, the Normal channel here is based on the 1961 Vox model. The former added an additional tube for more gain and treble, and is what many of us associate with the classic AC30 character. These modes are selectable with the right hand mini toggle switch, alongside a Vibrato mode that uses the Top-boost as its foundation.

You can assign this to be a switchable channel via the UAFX Control app with the bottom three control settings Speed, Intensity and Room reverb when set to alt mode. It’s great for slower Uni Vibe-esque sounds as well as choppier fare.

If you’re new to AC30S you need to understand some basics; they need time to shine. First, know that the Bass and Treble controls of the Top-boost channel (like the real 1961 amp they aren’t usable in Normal mode) are cuts that work in the opposite way to most amps; you’re taking away those frequencie­s as you turn the controls clockwise. Then, confusingl­y, the AC30 offers a separate Cut control that adjusts a different high end frequency to the Treble Cut’s tone stack. Explore the relationsh­ip between them alongside the

Volume control’s gain and the onboard boost and you’ve got the key to the Edge and Brian

May with all the chime, crunch and Voxy boxy goodness of a real AC30 Top-boost.

UA’S designer James Santiago and the team have done their homework big time, and the six-cab selection allows you to hone in on brightness or warmth for your specific pickups through a FRFR cab,

PA and recording.

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