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MAR 20 — APR 19

Some folk find it hard to be­lieve in the con­cept of nat­u­ral jus­tice. Why they ask, if it ex­ists, do we need a le­gal sys­tem? Surely wrong­do­ers would be pun­ished with bad things, while the in­no­cent would thrive? Of course, that’s not how it works. It of­ten seems that self­ish peo­ple do well and good peo­ple suf­fer. Yet na­ture fol­lows a rhyme and rhythm which weaves through all of us and all our lives. As your ruler changes signs, if you put your trust in the cos­mos, it will bring a way to soothe and calm a drama in a most nat­u­ral way. Want to know how things can work out well? Call 1900 959 005.


APR 20 — MAY 20

What’s the point in taking a shower when you’re go­ing to im­me­di­ately start get­ting dirty again? Why bother get­ting up, when you know you’ll be back in bed at the end of the day? Life is cycli­cal. Cer­tain things need to be done time and time again. Our re­la­tion­ships fol­low a sim­i­lar pat­tern. We can’t ex­pect to ex­press our feel­ings once, and never again re­it­er­ate them. As your ruler changes di­rec­tion, it en­cour­ages you to share your feel­ings to some­one im­por­tant. Some things are worth re­peat­ing … as you’re about to dis­cover. Re­gard­less of the prob­lem, there’s an an­swer. Call 1900 959 005.


MAY 21 — JUNE 20

How much of what’s in your heart do you want to share? Are you be­ing pres­sured to re­veal de­tails? You’re balanc­ing be­tween giv­ing too much away (by dis­clos­ing in­for­ma­tion you’d rather not re­veal) or mis­lead­ing some­one (by hold­ing some in­for­ma­tion back). How are you go­ing to both main­tain your in­tegrity and en­able oth­ers to move on? As Jupiter set­tles op­po­site your sign, as long as you’re hon­est to your­self, and think be­fore you speak, you can ma­noeu­vre with true diplo­macy to­wards a wel­come, work­able out­come. Get what you want, not what you don’t want. Call 1900 959 005.


JUNE 21 — JULY 21

We all know that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Yet, if a good quality lawn is all you’re af­ter, you can achieve it with ju­di­cious weed con­trol and good mow­ing skills. Some folk seem to think that the state of their lawn re­flects the state of their lives. If it’s per­fect, then so are they. Yet we also all know that ap­pear­ances are de­ceiv­ing. As Venus changes di­rec­tion, it brings the chance for you to en­joy be­ing on the side of the fence that will make you most happy. You just need to de­cide which one that is. Feel­ing fed up? Don’t be! To find out where hope lies, call 1900 959 005.


JULY 22 — AUG 22

Very frus­trat­ingly, there are times when things just can’t hap­pen when they should. There never seems to be a ra­tio­nal rea­son for this ap­par­ent fail­ure. It usu­ally hap­pens be­cause events con­spire in such a way that cer­tain pro­cesses run out of en­ergy. It’s not al­ways easy to shrug our shoul­ders and try to think of an­other way to en­able a plan to­wards suc­cess. But feel­ing re­sent­ful when an ob­sta­cle ap­pears is not only un­help­ful, it’s un­hope­ful. This week, you can de­cide ei­ther to bow out with grace, or re­dou­ble your com­mit­ment. Find out how the Cos­mos can help you this week. Call 1900 959 005.


AUG 23 — SEP 22

Just be­cause your plan is bound to be met with re­sis­tance, doesn’t mean that you should give up or back down. As Venus turns direct, and Mars changes signs, it’s time to ex­plore your imag­i­na­tion. Rather than pic­tur­ing the worstcase sce­nario to this sit­u­a­tion, al­low your­self to daydream and vi­su­alise how things could turn out if they went re­ally well. Give your­self per­mis­sion to be in­spired. Then you’ll find the faith to carry you on­wards. It’s not go­ing to be easy … but there’s a chance to make per­ma­nent progress. Do you want to know how things can work out well? Call 1900 959 005.


SEP 23 — OCT 22

Why is it that some peo­ple are good at get­ting other peo­ple to do all their dirty work? Such folk are never be­lea­guered by both­er­some feel­ings of guilt. So, are we weaker than them, if we feel ob­li­gated to take re­spon­si­bil­ity for ev­ery­one and ev­ery­thing? Be­fore you de­cide where this anal­y­sis places you, you’re do­ing what you’re do­ing not be­cause you’re feel­ing obliged, but be­cause you’re de­ter­mined. As your ruler changes di­rec­tion, it un­der­lines your in­ner strength. Don’t worry about what’s not yours to han­dle this week. Want to know how things can work out well? Call 1900 959 005.


OCT 23 — NOV 21

This week, as Mars changes signs, it brings a cos­mic call to slow down, which might feel coun­ter­in­tu­itive. Yet it brings the power to set some­thing straight. A silly sce­nario can ei­ther con­tinue to spi­ral into fool­ish­ness and chaos, or you can bring a mat­ter to a halt and pro­vide it with the en­ergy to move in a health­ier and more holis­tic di­rec­tion. All you need do, is give things a lit­tle more time, and trust you know what to do for the best. Summon your gen­eros­ity, your courage and your pa­tience and the right thing will man­i­fest. Re­gard­less of the prob­lem, there’s an an­swer. Call 1900 959 005.


NOV 22 — DEC 20

Planet Earth seems to be pop­u­lated with more than its fair share of bossy peo­ple. Wher­ever you turn, some­one’s got an idea about how you could im­prove your life, freshen up your re­la­tion­ships and man­i­fest more money. Such folk don’t hold back from demon­strat­ing their dis­ap­proval of your de­ci­sions ei­ther. Yet, who knows more about your life than you? With your rul­ing planet set­tling into your sign, you’re be­gin­ning to fol­low your in­stincts. Just be­cause you can’t back them up with facts doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Get what you want, not what you don’t want. Call 1900 959 005.


DEC 21 — JAN 19

We tend to equate se­cu­rity with fi­nan­cial suc­cess. We think the more we earn, the more se­cure we’ll feel. Yet the things we pos­sess of­ten dis­tract us from the joy­ful as­pects of our ex­is­tence. Like open skies and morn­ing dew … it’s easy to over­look the beauty we’re sur­rounded by as we rush to ful­fil our prac­ti­cal needs. Wealth is of­ten held to be a bas­tion of achieve­ment, yet it’s un­ap­pre­ci­ated by peo­ple who’ve man­aged to achieve it. Don’t lose your sense of per­spec­tive as ma­te­rial gains now man­i­fest in your life. Feel­ing fed up? Don’t be! To find out where hope lies, call 1900 959 005.


JAN 20 — FEB 17

Some­times an ad­ven­ture needs to be care­fully planned. Other times, we don’t even no­tice that we’ve em­barked on one un­til we’re in its clutches. A mean­ing­ful quest, filled with colour­ful char­ac­ters is the stuff of a good story … and it’s be­gin­ning to look as if your cur­rent path is be­com­ing one of those. As Mars leaves your sign, you don’t need to know all the de­tails of your fu­ture in ad­vance. You have enough ev­i­dence and sup­port to be able to trust that this new ad­ven­ture is taking you to­wards an in­spired vision of your fu­ture. Find out how the Cos­mos can help you this week. Call 1900 959 005.


FEB 18 — MAR 19

We’re all en­ti­tled to be able to hope and plan for a bet­ter fu­ture. Hold­ing a vision of how we’d like things to be can be em­pow­er­ing – we can even dream things into be­ing. Yet, find­ing com­fort in our imag­in­ings holds its dan­gers too. It can numb us to our re­al­ity, so we stay stuck in sit­u­a­tions we’d be bet­ter off leav­ing be­hind. As Mars moves into your sign, it em­pow­ers you to con­cen­trate on what’s go­ing on in your world to­day, rather than to­mor­row. The week brings an op­por­tu­nity your way. If you re­lax, you have much to gain. Do you want to know how things can work out well? Call 1900 959 005.

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