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Talks colour ideas on how to cut waste


CHANGE agent Anne- Maree Huxley wants us to embrace the ‘ blue economy’ to drive investment and create jobs.

However just what sort of business developmen­ts emerge from her workshops in Townsville over the past few days remains to be seen.

Ms Huxley ( pictured) has been addressing regional developmen­t groups and economic developmen­t officers in North Queensland on the blue economy.

Author Gunter Pauli first coined the term as a concept for a sustainabl­e economy with zero waste. It’s estimated that 80 per cent of goods worth more than $ 3 trillion worldwide are lost to waste each year.

Ms Huxley said the idea of recycling and reusing waste was an emerging area of business developmen­t.

In South Africa, food waste is being used to grow maggots as food for chickens, in Scotland used nappies are recycled into building products, and coffee waste can be used as a base to grow mushrooms.

“Because of our growing population, we have to recycle,” Ms Huxley said.

However she said it was also about creating new revenue and jobs.

Regional Developmen­t Australia Townsville and North West Queensland CEO Glenys Schuntner said regional developmen­t representa­tives left the workshops with their minds “reeling with new ideas”.

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