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DEAR Con­struc­tion, Forestry, Mar­itime, Min­ing and En­ergy Union ( CFMEU), Queens­land La­bor and Min­is­ter Mick de Brenni,

The last time I checked, which was quite re­cently, the Build­ing and Con­struc­tion Award 2010 is state wide.

If em­ploy­ers in Bris­bane choose to pay their em­ploy­ees over and above what the award states, then ku­dos to the em­ployer for be­ing gen­er­ous.

If there are any con­trac­tors that are pay­ing be­low the award then they should be made to come in line with the cur­rent award.

The unions don’t just stop at at­tack­ing Wat­pac and gen­eral on site con­di­tions but take it a step fur­ther stat­ing that the lo­cal con­trac­tors on site are not ex­pe­ri­enced enough to un­der­take this work.

No won­der there was a walk off on Mon­day. Your bul­ly­ing tac­tics and in­sults are not re­ceived well in the North.

What the unions are propos­ing, is forc­ing their stan­dards on the North Queens­land Sta­dium site and un­for­tu­nately it ap­pears that it is al­ready a done deal and sneak­ily the unions stand to make thou­sands of dol­lars in union mem­ber fees. It is not sim­ply a case of the em­ployer mak­ing these ad­di­tional pay­ments to em­ploy­ees. Con­trac­tors have been ad­vised to back pay the union- deemed con­di­tions to May 17 of this year and is­sue a vari­a­tion to Wat­pac for pay­ment by Wat­pac.

This in re­al­ity is tech­ni­cally not the case. This project is a state and fed­er­ally funded work site so us, the gen­eral tax­payer, will be pay­ing these em­ploy­ees’ wages and the bud­get blow out caused by the unions and Queens­land La­bor hap­pily go­ing along. Per­son­ally, I am out­raged with the smear cam­paign by the unions and State Gov­ern­ment to mis­lead the gen­eral pub­lic as to what is ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing.

The State Gov­ern­ment is al­low­ing this to hap­pen as they will be re­ly­ing on union funds to run their elec­tion cam­paign and to have union af­fil­i­ated mem­bers sit­ting for their safe La­bor seats.

In the view that the State Gov­ern­ment is not able to con­trol rene­gade unions, the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment should con­sider us­ing their clout putting these bul­lies in their place. JA­NIS BLACK­MAN, Bur­dell.

CAM­PAIGN: North Queens­land Sta­dium con­struc­tion is be­ing in­ter­rupted by union bul­lies, says a reader. Pic­ture: ZAK SIM­MONDS

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