Pref­er­en­tial vot­ing just all-round fairer sys­tem

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IT SEEMS that many let­ter writ­ers and tex­ters/read­ers are not quite sure how the pref­er­en­tial vot­ing sys­tem works or why we even have it.

In 1918 the Queens­land Gov­ern­ment brought in the pref­er­en­tial vot­ing sys­tem to recog­nise the new Coun­try Party that had bro­ken away from La­bor/ Lib­eral to look af­ter re­gions.

La­bor’s Wayne Goss re­alised this sys­tem was not work­ing for his party so he de­cided that opin­ion­ated pref­er­en­tial vot­ing would give him an edge.

How­ever it took Peter Beat­tie to go to the elec­tion with the now fa­mous slo­gan “Just vote 1”.

Be­cause the Na­tional Party threw its lot in with the Lib­er­als that op­tion of just one vote did not look like it worked for La­bor then, we now have this mix mash of changes to suit La­bor.

In 2009 La­bor got just 42 per cent of the pri­mary vote but worse was 2015. La­bor only got 37.5 per cent of the pri­mary vote.

With the Greens/la­bor coali­tion you would think that the LNP would talk to the KAP, One Na­tion, Shooters Fish­ers and Farm­ers and our Clive, to try to get some san­ity back into our vot­ing sys­tem.

If you do away with pref­er­en­tial vot­ing, any can­di­date can win with any per cent of the vote. Mainly be­cause we seem to have up­wards of four can­di­dates in any one seat, we have to get a demo­cratic re­sult.

I do not want some­one lead­ing us that only got 20 per cent of the vote.

In short if we have only two peo­ple run­ning in any seat, first past the post wins.

If you have more than three, you need pref­er­en­tial vot­ing.

It is just not cricket if we have any­thing else. DE­BRA GIB­SON, Pin­na­cles.

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