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WHILE families have been pleading for months for exemptions to be reunited across state borders, federal MPS have been spirited home under the radar from the Canberra lockdown bubble.

Dawson MP George Christense­n has returned to Mackay from the Canberra lockdown with seemingly no fanfare.

He said he was in quarantine in full accordance with Queensland rules, as was “every other federal member of parliament who returned from Canberra to Queensland last week”.

Mr Christense­n said he had also taken two Covid-19 tests in the past week, both of which had returned negative results.

It is understood federal MPS are given exemptions to return to Queensland by air because they are considered essential workers.

But they must stay in home quarantine for 14 days, beginning on arrival in Queensland, unless they have completed a minimum 14 days in another state or territory immediatel­y beforehand.

Herbert MP Phillip Thompson did not fly to Canberra last month for parliament.

The Townsville-based MP took a Covid-19 test the day he was supposed to fly out due to a cold, which returned a negative result.

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