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THREE of Townsville Correction­al Complex’s general purpose dogs are set to retire from service after a career of keeping custodial officers safe.

The three dogs, Kato, Bullet and Knine, served alongside their handlers for a combined 28 years.

Correction­al dogs are used for incident response and barrier control, and their presence in prisons acts as an additional deterrence.

Townsville Correction­al Centre general manager Chief Superinten­dent Louise Kneeshaw commended the three retiring dogs and thanked them for their commitment to the security and order of the correction­al centre.

“Handlers and their dogs go beyond controllin­g prisoners,” Superinten­dent Kneeshaw said.

“They provide an overall contributi­on to the safety of our facilities, and they have proven their worth in protecting our officers many times in their careers.”

Two new dogs, Gator and Lita, will soon step into their new roles alongside correction­al officers.

 ??  ?? Kato is retiring.
Kato is retiring.

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