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Resources industry will reset


QUEENSLAND resource workers will take part in a site safety reset over the coming months.

Resources Minister Scott Stewart has urged industry leaders to ensure the health and safety of their workers remains the number one priority while visiting Glencore’s Ernest Henry Mine in Cloncurry. “Even though the rates of serious incidents are going down across our industries, we can’t be complacent about safety – it’s simply not an option,” he said.

Already 43 resets have been completed in this year’s safety reset. The Townsville MP said safety in the resources industry was everyone’s responsibi­lity.

“Industry, union, workers, and government all play their part in making sure every worker returns home safely after every shift,” he said.

Taking place over the next two months, the safety reset will include all resources industries for the first time, including the petroleum, gas and explosives sectors.

 ??  ?? MP Scott Stewart.
MP Scott Stewart.

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