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New boss for Libs in Victoria


VICTORIAN Liberal MP Matthew Guy has defeated Michael O’brien in a stunning takeover of the party’s leadership.

Mr Guy (pictured), the party’s leader between 2014 and 2018, defeated Mr O’brien 20 votes to 11 in a spill motion moved at a partyroom meeting on Tuesday morning.

Speaking to reporters after the win, Mr Guy acknowledg­ed the work of Mr O’brien and his deputy Cindy Mcleish since they took over leadership in 2018.

“M i c h a e l and Cindy have led our party through one of the most difficult periods in history,” he said.

“A lot of you will comment, self appraise, I’ve had plenty of it, I’m sure I’ll get more, but that is the hardest job in politics.

“It is our job to lead us to the Victorian election in 14 months’ time. We will have a clearer alternativ­e for Victorians, and we will begin to articulate that today.”

While Mr O’brien conceded he was “disappoint­ed with how things had panned out”, he congratula­ted his counterpar­t for his victory.

Mr O’brien made the decision to not contest the leadership.

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