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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended his trip from Canberra to Sydney and back during the Covid -19 lockdown to see his family for Fathers Day. He argues that criticism of the trip was just a “cheap shot” by the opposition.

Mr Morrison took a RAAF VIP jet to Sydney on Friday and spent several days in his home city before returning to Canberra.

He did everything by the book. He didn’t need approval to fly to Sydney but he did get approval from ACT Health to return to the capital, without having to quarantine subject to conditions such as regular Covid-19 testing.

Mr Morrison said he could understand people’s frustratio­n over the trip saying “as Prime Minister, of course I need to come back to the ACT”.

That’s true, but what Mr Morrison didn’t need to do was to fly to Sydney in the first place.

All across the nation thousands of families are split up because of lockdowns.

One only had to watch the scenes at

itdoesn’t really pass the pub test.

the Gold Coast border on Sunday to see how desperate people are to be close to their loved ones.

The PM is no different, he would have been desperate to see his family too.

The issue is the flight doesn’t really pass the pub test.

Just like Annastacia Palaszczuk’s special treatment for NRL families while Queensland­ers were locked out, it smacks of elitism.

Yes, he is the Prime Minister but now is the time for leadership.

While the masses in Sydney and Melbourne are hurting the leaders should too.

All the talk about rolling up the sleeves for the nation doesn’t really fly if the politician­s aren’t going to lead by example.

It’s a bad look when you have one rule for the PM and another for everyone else.

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